Finding a Good Lawyer

People don’t always know where to go when looking for a good lawyer. The first place they often look is on the internet. They type in key words such as “Lawyers in Phoenix” and then just hope for the best. That’s not a bad option, but consumers can do a little more to make sure that they get the right lawyer for their particular issue. First, you need to determine what kind of lawyer you need. You don’t want to go to a lawyer who specializes in family law if you need a well- drafted contract or if you have been sued on a civil matter. Locating a good lawyer who can effectively help with your issue may not be easy, that’s why researching your particular issue and your lawyer is key to being successful.

Although the internet can be one useful tool, often the best attorneys are found through personal referrals so make sure to ask family and friends who they know. However, don’t make a decision on a lawyer solely on the basis of someone else’s recommendation. If you aren’t able to get a referral, you can start your internet search by going to the State Bar of Arizona website and search for attorneys by area of law. You will get a list of names that you can research further by going to their individual websites and/or calling their office for more information. In addition, you need to make sure that the lawyer you are considering is licensed to practice in the state of Arizona and that he or she has not been suspended or disbarred. There are other websites such as and where you can search by area of law and location to get the names of qualified attorneys.

We strongly encourage you to meet with the lawyer before you hire them, particularly if you find them on the internet, because ideally this lawyer will become your legal coach and will offer strategic advice as well as apply their skills to your issue. Furthermore, the lawyer-client relationship needs to work both at a personal level and a professional level. Most firms offer reduced rate consultations and you should take advantage of that and go in, before making a final decision.