Domestic Violence Issues in Arizona

Most people today would say that the strides taken against domestic violence has been a huge victory for women’s rights. Some would say it’s still not enough. On either side of the issue, Arizona in particular has made sure domestic violence is something that is taken seriously. In the last 5-10 years, the penalties in domestic violence offenses have become much more severe and can have serious consequences beyond just the criminal case itself.

If there is even a hint of a domestic disturbance which results in the police being called out, there is a good chance that someone, or even both parties, will go to jail. In fact, once an accusation is made and the police are involved, there is nearly nothing the victim can do to take back the allegations or “drop” the charges. That decision is up to prosecutors and the courts. Domestic Violence offenses in Arizona are defined more broadly than just a physical assault or fight. Even something as little as breaking a dish during an argument or even loud shouting during an argument can result in criminal charges designating as domestic violence. A case that made the news recently involved a woman being taken to jail and charged with battery/domestic violence for throwing a cupcake at her husband during an argument. Conviction of a domestic violence offense, even if the underlying charge is minor, can change the course of your life. Future employment will always be an issue and it can even be a deportable offense if you are not a United States citizen. This is when it is very important to have strong legal representation that can help.

In many cases that we see, it starts merely as a heated argument in which someone called the police to help defuse or mitigate the situation, not thinking that this would turn into an arrest and criminal prosecution over months and sometimes years for the parties involved. In situations such as these, it is possible to resolve the case and bring common sense to bear, but you will need a strong attorney to advocate on your behalf. If you or a loved one are facing criminal charges involving domestic violence, please call the criminal attorneys at Owens & Perkins today.