Caught by The Holiday Dui Task Force

This holiday season saw record numbers of DUI arrests due to increased traffic enforcement across the State. Approximately 81,000 people were pulled over during the holiday season. Task forces were aggressively on the hunt for drunk drivers. Some had designated drivers, some were given various other citations, but 4,400 people were charged with DUI’s. Were you one of them? If so, you are facing serious legal trouble. You need aggressive representation by an experienced attorney. You will find that at Owens & Perkins.

The time to call is now. Visit our DUI-specific website at We have information on DUI penalties and break down the designations of regular DUI, extreme, super extreme, etc. and list the possible penalties you could be facing. There is a lot of useful information on our DUI website to get you started.

Our qualified legal team is ready to assist you and help you navigate through the unknown and the complicated criminal justice system. The charges and penalties will have a serious impact on your life, and it is always recommended to have a professional by your side.