Be Informed Know Your Rights Before You Are Stopped for A Dui

I keep hearing how strict our DUI laws are, that you can be pulled over for minor infractions, and if you’ve had a few drinks, you’re in trouble. What would I do if I were stopped after dinner and drinks? I would like to know what my rights are. I don’t want to get bullied. I would like to respectfully and lawfully know how to handle the situation. What should I do first? Probably a good idea to educate myself and be prepared.

I’ve heard you can’t refuse the blood test or breathalyzer or your license will be suspended for a year. Someone was saying you should refuse the field sobriety test and not talk.

If you are stopped by the police, you have rights. You should know them.

Politely inform the officer that you would like to assert your Constitutional Rights. Remain calm. When the officer begins their questioning, let them know that you are hereby asserting your right to remain silent. You are hereby declining to perform any eye or coordination field tests. That you are invoking your right to speak privately with your attorney prior to any blood, breath or urine test unless it will result in undue delay. That you are asserting your right to require the police to preserve a sample of your blood, breath or urine for independent evaluation. And that you intend to have your blood, breath or urine independently tested and demand a sample be released for that purpose.