Az Dui Should I Refuse To Take a Blood Test Breath Test or Urine Test

Arizona’s “implied consent” law states that any person who drives a motor vehicle in Arizona gives consent to a test or tests of their blood, breath, urine or other bodily substances so law enforcement can determine alcohol concentration or drug content if the person is arrested for a DUI. The test must be given within two hours of when you were driving. The officer who arrests you gets to choose which test you take.

If you refuse the test, then the officer will require you to surrender your license and will file a report resulting in the State suspending your license or permit for at least 12 months (for a first offense). Failure to expressly agree to or complete the test will be treated as a refusal. IF YOU REFUSE THE TEST, THE OFFICER MAY OBTAIN A WARRANT AND TAKE A BLOOD SAMPLE ANYWAY.

A DUI can have serious, life altering consequences. Be be informed on what to do (or not do) if you are stopped or arrested for an AZ DUI by checking out our “Archived Blog” Section.