Arrested for A Drug Related Dui

Painkillers, ecstasy, spice, marijuana……drug related DUI’s are on the rise. More people are driving impaired by prescription and illicit drugs, and more officers are now trained in drug-recognition, so more arrests are being made. There are approximately 500 drug-recognition officers in Arizona, and millions of dollars in grants and equipment have been distributed to departments throughout the state to deal with this rising crisis. Scottsdale is equipped with a new DUI van that has special rooms for drug-recognition experts to test people suspected of driving high on drugs.

Any amount of drugs in your system could lead to a drug DUI charge. Aggressive crackdowns on drug-related DUI’s and stricter laws require an aggressive defense. We can provide that for you. We have been successfully defending clients in the North Valley, South Valley, East and West Valleys, Maricopa County, Yuma County, Yavapai County and Coconino County as well as other out-lying areas for decades. Let our experienced lawyers evaluate your case and defend your charges.