Make a Plan Now

Fourth of July is one of the biggest weekends for DUI arrests, which is why Owens & Perkins will be have a Four Part Mini Blog Series starting today going to July 3 rd.

With the July 4 th just five days away, many people have already made plans with friends and family on how to celebrate the day. Most people like to celebrate the Fourth of July partaking in activities either at poolside or the lake. Often, these activities include the consumption of alcohol.

DUI is very common during a long holiday weekends. It is important to understand the legal consequences and penalties for DUIs, which are the same if you are driving a car or operating a boat, jet-ski or other water craft on the lakes, rivers and waterways in Arizona. If you are caught operating a boat while intoxicated, known as an OUI, you can expect many of the same consequences as getting a DUI on the roadway.

In Arizona, you can be charged with a DUI/DWI/OUI whether you’re on the highway, a street, private property or on water. All that is required is that you be in actual physical control of a motor vehicle while impaired to the slightest degree by alcohol or drugs. Even if you are parked, as long as you have the keys and can reach the steering wheel, you can be charged with a DUI/OUI.

A safe form of transportation should be considered and arranged prior to you attending your Fourth of July celebration to avoid any possible DUI/OUI charge.

Below are some options of safe transportation.

  • Get dropped off/picked up by a SOBER driver
  • Have a designated driver and hand over your keys to someone else if you plan on drinking
  • Take a cab

Owens & Perkins encourages you to not only plan a fun Fourth of July but also make a plan on how you will be arriving and leaving these events. Owens and Perkins wants everyone to have a great Fourth of July and not have it be spoiled by getting a DUI.

Contact our Scottsdale office at (480) 994-8824, if you been stopped and charged with a DUI.