Some of You Aren’t Listening – Last Year’s DUI Arrests

During this holiday weekend, state and local police will be on high alert for potential drunk driving. Since many people consume alcohol during this holiday, law enforcement are more sensitive than usual to any suspicious behavior. Also, Arizona law enforcement officials typically set up sobriety checkpoints across the valley near areas where many people are drinking. Even with all the extra police presence of publicity people still make the mistake of driving while intoxicated during the holiday weekend.

During last year’s Fourth of July Holiday, police made almost 400 DUI arrests over the span of two days which is an increase from last year where 421 people were arrested during the Fourth of July holiday. Also, 24 of those people were booked for underage DUI, and 126 were arrested for extreme DUI (a blood alcohol content over .15%). If you have been charged with a DUI/DWI/OUI, contact the Scottsdale criminal defense law firm, Owens & Perkins, for a FREE ½ hour consultation.

Have a SAFE and FUN Fourth of July Holiday. See tomorrow’s blog with all the locations of various DUIs checkpoints in Arizona this weekend.