What Will I Need After the Probate is Filed?

Once a Probate is filed, there is additional information your attorney will need, including:

List of Assets, Location and Estimated Value . It will be very important to pull together a detailed list of the Decedent’s assets; remembering, however, that the only assets subject to probate are those held solely in the Decedent’s name. The attorney will also need information on insurance policies, bank accounts, IRAs, stocks, bonds, etc.

List of Debts. Your attorney will need a list of all the Decedent’s debts, including the names, addresses and telephone numbers of all creditors. Creditors are entitled to notice of estate proceedings.

Funeral bill and receipt (if paid). The funeral and burial expenses are a priority claim and will be paid out of the estate before distributions can be made to any of the beneficiaries.

Navigating the waters of Probate with an experienced attorney will put your mind at ease.