What Information Will My Attorney Need to File a Probate Matter?

There is information your attorney will need in order to file a Probate. When first meeting with your attorney, it will save time (and money) if you bring along:

The Original Last Will and Testament, together with any Codicils (amendments). When a person dies with a Will in place, they will have already decided who will receive most – if not all – of their solely owned property. Any property held with right of survivorship or payable on death designation will not be subject to Probate. The Will should contain a list of beneficiaries and who is to receive what. The Will also nominates who is going to be the Personal Representative ( i.e. the person administering the estate).

A List of Any and All Heirs and Their Current Addresses . Because the attorney is required to provide each Heir with a copy of the Will (if any) and the probate pleadings that are filed with the Court, a current list of addresses is helpful, saving both time and money.