Volunteering at Andre House

Owens & Perkins volunteered at the Andre House of Hospitality of Arizona. We enjoyed getting involved with the community and were amazed to how much work goes into preparing these nightly meals.

Since 1984, Andre House has been dedicated to feeding the homeless community in Phoenix. Their mission started simply with having volunteers cook a huge pot of soup that was brought down to the train tracks in downtown Phoenix. After 25 years and a lot of dedication, Andre House’s simple pot of soup has grown into a building with a full-size kitchen, serving line, and main dining room area that accommodates 150 guests, including an additional small dining room for families and people with special needs.

Both nights, the crew from Owens & Perkins, along with Andre House’s regular volunteers, prepared each meal from scratch. Using donated food from local food banks, we peeled oranges and sliced strawberries to make fruit salad. We also chopped potatoes, shredded the lettuce, set up the dining room and drink area, and rolled silverware for each of our guests.

As the guests arrived, we greeted them with smiles and each guest received a huge tray of food along with endless supply of water and coffee. Every guest was more than thankful and appreciated the work that we put into serving their meal.

The soup line was opened for just one hour; however, within that short amount of time, we provided over 600 meals each night. At the end of the night, we swept and mopped the dining room, washed the dishes, and broke down the dining room stacking chairs and moving tables.

Owens & Perkins takes pride in helping and serving our community. A lot of preparation and hard work goes into making these meals for people in need. However, it was a great experience and we enjoyed ourselves. The attorneys and staff of Owens and Perkins are looking forward to our next community service event.

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