Thought You Were Done – Now Comes the Modification Process

You go through the whole divorce process. Months of negotiations, decisions, stress and compromise. It took over your life. Finally, you were divorced and could focus on other things. You could move on. But, things change, and divorce decrees are often modified for a variety of reasons. Someone is moving out of State, someone has an increased or decreased income, someone wants more parenting time with the children, the children are in danger and you must seek sole custody (now called sole legal decision making).

Whether you are the one who wants a change, or you have been presented with a Petition for Modification from your ex, we can help you through yet another court process and work towards getting the outcome you desire.

Our lawyers have helped many clients through child support modification disputes, child custody modification disputes, visitation or parenting time disputes, spousal maintenance modification disputes and more. Our Scottsdale family law attorneys are here to help.