Summer Plans for the Kids Becoming a Problem? Call Our Experienced Family Law Attorneys for a Solution

If summer plans do not conger up dreamy seaside family vacations, but are becoming more like World War III, it may be time to consult OWENS & PERKINS, family law attorneys in Scottsdale, to help come up with a summer schedule that works for everyone. Wouldn’t it be nice for the kids to have their “perfect summer?” Let us help you come up with solutions to the problems you are having with your summer parenting plan.

Summer vacations, even in “in-tact” families, can be complex in today’s world with camps, kids programs, sports, visits with grandparents, cousins, best friends and travel plans. Popular camps and activities fill up fast, and decisions need to be made, registrations filled out, reservations made and paid for. Work schedules need to be coordinated and calendars worked out. When parents are divorced, deciding on summer plans becomes even more complex.