Mandatory Maricopa County Parenting Classes

Just another hoop to jump through–who has the time or money? And during this difficult time, a mandatory class seems overwhelming. It’s a hassle–you have to find a class, schedule it around work, probably get a babysitter, register and pay for it. It’s natural that when we feel forced by the court to take a class on such a personal subject at a horrific time in our life, we would want to put it off.

Don’t let the “mandatory” upset you, you will most likely find it benefits you, your family, and most importantly the kids. Like any class or seminar, if you leave with one or two “words of wisdom” or tips you can apply to your own life, it will have been worth it. So take the step, look at your calendar, and know that it is for the betterment of your life, your kids’ life, and your family–your new “restructured” family.

Approved Parent Information Program classes are offered by a number of community-based providers at various locations throughout Maricopa County. The fee for the Parenting Information Program class is $50.00 per person effective September 1, 2008 payable to the community-based provider. For more information about Maricopa County parenting classes, please call (602) 506-1448.