How to Save Money on Attorney’s Fees in Your Divorce

Your life seems out of control. You’re going through a divorce. Not only are you dealing with emotional stress, but the financial burden is causing you sleepless nights. Let our team of Scottsdale divorce attorneys guide you on how to take control of your attorney’s fees and costs.

We would like to offer information to help understand the billing system and minimize legal fees while maximizing the effectiveness of your legal representation by our experienced Scottsdale divorce attorneys. A couple of common terms to keep in mind when dealing with attorney’s fees are:

1. Retainer Fee – You will be quoted a Retainer Fee which is paid up front to retain our Law Firm to begin working on your case. This is a common practice for professional legal services. The fee is placed into a Trust Account, which acts like a “savings account” and charged against by our Firm on a monthly basis as work is done on your case.

2. Hourly and Incremental Billing – You will be billed at an hourly rate for the attorney’s time, paralegal’s time, and support staff. These hourly rates are set forth in your Fee Agreement. Owens & Perkins bills in 1/10th or .1 hour increments or for every six (6) minutes of time spent on your case.

As your case moves forward, there are going to be factors beyond your control which affect the amount of money you’ll spend on attorney’s fees that relate to the degree of conflict with your spouse. But, our Scottsdale family law attorneys would like to offer some steps you can take to bring you some control over these costs:

1. Use Email When Possible – This is a very efficient and cost-effective way to communicate with your paralegal and attorney, saving time and money;

2. Ask for a Paralegal First – They can often answer your questions at a lower hourly rate.

3. Review Materials Carefully – Reading documents and communications from your attorney over carefully, and re-reading them, can possibly alleviate the need to call the office with questions.

We hope this information has been helpful in gaining a measure of control of the costs and fees associated with your case and in ensuring your case is managed by our dedicated legal team of experienced and trusted Scottsdale divorce attorneys to obtain your objectives as quickly, efficiently and economically as possible.