High Asset Divorces Usually Mean High Conflict. We Can Help

Proceedings for high asset divorces in Arizona are complex and require the services of knowledgeable and experienced attorneys. At Owens & Perkins, we can provide that knowledge and experience to protect you and your assets.

Often times in a high asset divorce, one or both of the parties may own a business and those business interests will need to be valued. We work closely with business valuation experts to obtain and review the records and create a report reflecting the value of your community portion of the business.

If someone is hiding assets, we also have long-standing relationships with private investigators, CPA’s and forensic accountants to trace and track down any hidden assets to ensure your community portion is identified and protected.

If you have retirement accounts, we will refer you to a QDRO (qualified domestic relations order) specialist to prepare the orders necessary to divide your retirement accounts to avoid paying any tax or penalty on the division of the account.

In high asset divorces, time is of the essence and you need an experienced, qualified Arizona divorce attorney to fight for you. Owens & Perkins has been recognized as one of the top law firms in Arizona by Arizona Business Magazine, Martindale-Hubbell®, Ranking Arizona and Kudzu.com.