Divorce Can Be a Crazy Time! Let us Help You Survive and Thrive!

This story was shared with our Scottsdale divorce firm recently.

“Whenever I am going through one of life’s milestones, like the birth of a child or, in this case, a divorce, I like to read everything I can and “research” the experience. At the beginning of my divorce journey, I went to the bookstore, a little embarrassed at perusing the shelves on the “D – word.” Reading over so many titles, thinking I would just get a book or two, I ended up with ten. Anyway, one in particular that caught my eye was entitled “CRAZY TIME – Surviving Divorce and Building a New Life.” It is filled with other people’s stories, and it helped me a lot. My favorite book while pregnant was “What to Expect When You’re Expecting.” My favorite book while going through my divorce was “CRAZY TIME.”

I have since passed “CRAZY TIME” (along with my other divorce books) on to friend after friend as they struggled with their own divorces. Books are helpful in guiding one through a divorce, but an experienced family law attorney was amust to ensure the best possible outcome. So, along with the books, I also shared the name and number of my Scottsdale divorce attorney at Owens & Perkins.”

Call our Scottsdale divorce lawyers today for a consultation and find guidance through your own “crazy time.” We can help you get through the craziness to the other side and on to a bright, new beginning.