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Month: August 2019


Art or art collections can be another common, unique asset that comes up during a divorce or separation but can be very difficult to value or divide appropriately.  In most instance, an expert will need to be engaged to determine the value of the piece or collection.  A particular artwork could be something that has …

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Cryptocurrency is becoming a more and more popular way to invest your money. Consequently, divorces involve cryptocurrencies more than ever before and sometimes the asset values can be quite high. To understand how those assets are divided, it is important to understand exactly what cryptocurrency is. In short, it is a digital currency in which …

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Precious Metals & Coins

Although they say “cash is king”, many people look to invest their money into precious metals and coins for various reasons. Purchasing these precious metals can be considered an investment considering their potential worth to diversify your investment portfolio. On the flip side, sometimes the purchase of precious metals is done by a spouse in …

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While the process of divorce and/or separation is incredibly difficult, sometimes parting with our possessions can be just as difficult. It is not uncommon for people to accrue special items, or collectibles, during their marriage. In the event the parties cannot agree on the value of a collectible, an expert will need to be hired …

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