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Month: April 2017

Paternity’s Effect on Legal Decision-Making And Parenting Time

Many times I’ll speak with a parent wondering what rights they do/don’t have without a Court order. As discussed in the first part of this blog series, there are several scenarios in which paternity would be presumed. However, until paternity is established by the Court, the Father is not, by definition, a “legal parent.” Further, …

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DNA Testing

In last week’s blog- Establishment of Paternity- I discussed scenarios in which DNA testing might be needed in order to dispute or confirm someone’s assertion of paternity. But you might be wondering how to go about having DNA testing done. A quick search of the internet will show you many at-home kits you can order. …

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Establishment of Paternity

If you want to establish any type of Court orders for legal decision-making authority, parenting time, or child support, you will first need to establish the paternity of the Father in the action. There are a few circumstances you can assert in your Petition to Establish in which a Court will presume paternity, such as: …

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