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Month: March 2014

Good Bad Decisions

All of us make bad decisions. Some decisions may be worse than others and have more significant consequences. The holidays are a time to sit back and relax or celebrate with friends and family; and to laugh, drink and eat lots of home-cooked food with the people you care about most. With the holiday season …

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Prescription Drug Dui

In Arizona, total drug-related DUI arrests increased from 1,674 in 2010 to 2,961 in 2011 – a 44% increase in just one year! The percentage of arrests for drug-related DUIs in AZ increased more than every other DUI offense in Arizona, including aggravated DUI, misdemeanor DUI, extreme DUI and juvenile DUI. A law enforcement officer …

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Weed Wars

The Truth Separated from the Myths on Marijuana Marijuana has become seemingly more acceptable with the recent changes surrounding the use of medical marijuana in Arizona as well as in other states. The prevalence of marijuana in today’s culture promotes the concept of, “it’s no big deal!” Unfortunately, although society’s attitudes toward marijuana may be …

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