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For Over 55 Years, Owens & Perkins has been the trusted name in family law.

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Since 1967, Owens and Perkins has been a well-known pillar in the Scottsdale legal community. We take pride in our achievements, awards and recognition because they are a reflection of our commitment, compassion and ability to help and serve our clients. Once you become a client of the firm, you are part of the family. We have generations representing generations.

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Kim HausserKim Hausser
23:20 29 May 22
Imagine my delight at finding an attorney who is personable, knowledgeable, empathetic and straightforward. Michelle Perkins actively listened to my sordid tale of being the executor of a sticky family estate issue and with kindness, much needed levity and sincerity she quickly clarified the role and guided me to a simple solution that other attorneys I had spoken to had not presented as a legal option.I am very happy I was convinced to contact one more attorney. From start (quick online form) to resolution, everyone I spoke to at Owens & Perkins was professional and personable. I would highly recommend.
Nancy NelsonNancy Nelson
00:07 21 Aug 20
We were very pleased with the Owen’s and Perkins Attorneys.They did extensive research on our behalf therefore doing an excellent job representing our case.We were very pleased with our settlement.I highly recommend them.
James BiernatJames Biernat
22:03 09 Jul 20
O&P was patient and thorough in crafting a trust for the senior/client, and walked me through the trustee/will process — also with great patience and care — for an orderly and transparent result for the beneficiaries. Really appreciated the attention, start to finish.
02:43 16 Jun 20
My family had passed away when my court case originally started with the father of my child. I felt overwhelmed with fear which Brandon was able to ease. Any time I had panicked, reached out, or asked question, the office of Owens and Perkins was by my side to support and help me. My child is the most important aspect of my life, Brandon and the office understood this entirely. The father of my child and I are now good friends and on healthy terms. I was able to make reasonable decisions and agreements with the guidance and support of Brandon. I cried at how grateful I was for this office. The support they provided was worth every penny and so much more. Thank you, Owens and PerkinsThank you, Brandon
Stoney WhiteStoney White
21:23 08 Jun 20
One year ago we were in the middle of a parenting time battle for my kids. In the middle of this pandemic, riot media and uncertainty in the world I wanted to say thank you again for your wisdom. The world is in unrest but my heart is filled with joy and love because I get the blessing of seeing my kids every week. I get to be a Dad. You made this possible and I am forever grateful. May all your clients “tell the truth and trust in god”.
Douglas KirbyDouglas Kirby
23:40 12 May 20
Owens and Perkins are a top flight team. They handled my divorce with compassion and grace. Not only were they timely and responsive, they did It with the necessary gusto required in these types of proceedings. Always having my best interest in mind. Max was always there for me, returning calls and emails promptly. Considering the CV19 environment, he was a Rock Star! Thanks Max! I highly recommend Max and his team at Owens and Perkins.Thanks Douglas E Kirby

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At Owens & Perkins, Attorneys at Law, each of our attorneys and staff members are honored to be able to practice law or to participate in the practice of law. Every day, we strive to make a lasting contribution that will be seen and felt for generations to come. We would be honored by the opportunity to work with you on your case, whether it involves a divorcefamily law or probate matter, or preparing an estate plan.

If you find yourself in need of a Scottsdale divorce lawyer, call Owens & Perkins, Attorneys at Law at once. We will be with you every step of the way! Divorce and family law matters, such as child custody, alimony, and division of assets and debts are serious issues that require knowledgeable legal counsel. Schedule a free 30-minute phone consultation with one of our highly skilled attorneys today.

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We have over 65 years of collective experience fighting for those who need it. Our many rigorous years of experience and numerous awards speak to our dedication to clients and our ability to close cases in their favor. We treat you like family because our firm is rooted in family. Whether your dispute is related to a divorce, spousal maintenance claim, paternity action, or a prenuptial or post-nuptial agreement, our legal counsel will be provided to you with unparalleled compassion and understanding.

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“They valued my input and kept me informed on the process, and helped me through my darkest hours.”

– Kim

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“Her level of professionalism and integrity are hard to come by in the legal profession today.”

– Sam

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